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Charles Fishbein is an excellent family attorney, with 35 years of experience. He helped me with my case,.. He was always available to explain all of the parts of the case , that I didn't understand. He always responded to all of my questions and concerned with sensitivity and understanding. Mr. Fishbein made me feel very confident about my case and I got the desired result. He truly is a life changer. I recommend him highly .

I am dedicated to bringing quality legal work to families and individuals with the need for answers in this complex community in which we live. Each of us has challenges that are placed in our path for which I can offer reasonably priced answers and procedures to blaze a trail to the solutions that are right for you.

I am Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a Family Law Specialist, a field in which I have practiced more than 35 years, as a Specialist more than 20 years. It is rare that child custody or property division issue arises that I have not successfully met previously.

My consultation fee is $100.00 for Family law matters.

In many cases, a divorce (Dissolution) is the only contact that an individual has with our justice system. You do not have to be intimidated. Many persons have been intimidated by their spouse for years, now is the time to bring fairness into a one-sided relationship. It is also a time to graduate from an unhappy marriage to a satisfying life of freedom tempered with new responsibilities that are reserved for your children, not for someone undeserving. The road to eventual repose in a divorce is a difficult one. Emotions boil over and upset the balance of even the most composed individual. I am not a therapist, but due to my experience I can at least help separate the legal necessities and the connected psychological disruption so they occupy only their rightful positions and not become joined together to the benefit of neither. There are so many common misconceptions about divorce. Because of these misunderstandings, valuable rights can be overlooked and lost or mistakenly ignored. A thorough review of your status and rights can only help in deciding to take the matter to court, or making an intelligent agreement. I can provide you with that knowledge.

I know you must have questions about your situation. Call me at (661) 341-3181. I will try to help you find the direction you can follow. Do not give up. There are solutions.

Life is a continuum of production, obligations and events. During our lifetimes we want to treat all of it with the respect and joie de vivre as any part of it. As we age our needs change and life decisions become different and sometimes difficult. Certainly with regard to health and illness we want our lives to be partnered with someone who can direct care as we would wish when we cannot. We would like our property given to those we wish in the proportion we want to give while still having the control and access we expect. We do not want to be taken advantage of because of age or infirmity. I also can help with Elder planning and Special Needs planning. My consultation in these areas is $100.00.

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