Seek Valuable Advice and Representation in Your Divorce

Seek Valuable Advice and Representation in Your Divorce

Divorce Law Attorney in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA

The State of California is a “no fault” divorce state, meaning it only takes one spouse claiming “irreconcilable differences” to legally justify a divorce. Whether you want divorce or are simply faced with it, H. Charles Fishbein, Esq. can help.

Mr. Fishbein has over 30 years of divorce law experience in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA and practiced as a specialist in the field of family law for over 20 years. He thoroughly understands the law and how it can work for and against you during divorce. If you are facing divorce, trust Mr. Fishbein to guide you through the process and work to get the best outcome for you and your family.

Whether you’re in the early stages of divorce or locked in mid-divorce disputes, Mr. Fishbein can help. Call today for a complimentary consultation to learn how Mr. Fishbein can help you with your divorce in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA.

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